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Frequently asked questions

The following Q & A will provide you with some clarity of the CashorTrade service. Click on each for the corresponding answer. Feel free to contact us for extended customer service.

What is considered FACE VALUE?

FACE VALUE: The purchase price of a ticket that can include standard fees incurred during original purchase (not broker fees) and potential shipping.

FAIR TRADE: 1 for 1 trades. If you have 3 tickets and you seek only 1 highly demanded ticket, than a great offer is..."a 1 for 1 trade and the ability to purchase my extras at Face Value." vs. "I will trade you 3 tickets for 1."

Is there an awesome iPhone App & Mobile App?

YES!! We are to announce the release of the new iPhone App this August. It will complement the already functional web app accessed at m.cashortrade.org but will offer lightning fast push notifications and increased user functionality.

How do I buy, sell, or trade a ticket on CashorTrade?

Create and account by simply logging in. Connect with Facebook to add more credibility. Visit our How to page

What info do I include in a ticket post?

Step 1: Click the "buying", "selling", "trading", "sell or trade" button.
Step 2: you can select the "performer" then and "event date".
Add quantity of tickets, section, seat or row. You can add multiple events and tickets.
Step 3: select your payment options, price/ shipping / how you would like to be paid.
Step 4: set your post exposure to show to all, just your friends and social networks.
Step 5: Add a descriptive title, include performer name and date.
Step 6: leave a description and mention more details: lawn or pav ticket, how to receive.
Step 7: agree and post.

Can I post that I'm "in search of" a ticket or trade?

Yes. Unlike other websites CashorTrade lets you add posts (in search of: ISO) a specific ticket. Members will contact you and you will receive an email, text and notification within your CashorTrade inbox.

Can I trade multiple tickets?

COT does not limit you to the amount of tickets you would like to add to a post. You can add tickets for multiple events, festivals, any number of performers etc. CashorTrade is super flexible. Just make sure you tag your events within so it is indexed when searched for.

Who will see my ticket post?

There are 40,000+ members on the website, and the COT ticket widget appears on 35 partner websites. You can share your post to your social network, and the COT network spans another 50,000+ fans. So a lot of people will see it. You can set your exposure to just show to your COT friends within the add post form.

How do I share my post to the social networks.

Under your "posts" tab within your profile click on the share link. Either use the twitter, or facebook buttons or cut and paste the shortened share link and text to your walls, emails etc.

What is a "Flag"?

A flag is a notification from another CashorTrade user in reference to a post that does not meet the CashorTrade Fair Trade Policy. Please use this feature to alert us and the system of a post that does not meet policy. Flagged posts are removed from the site.

How do I find a ticket to buy, sell or trade?

For best results use the homepage search bar to type in a performer, festival, city, or venue name. The navigation in the header offers these categories and lists the trending searches within each category.


We offer these four main categories. Currently the Performer search offers the most results. We hope to add emphasis to the "CITY" category to better localize portions of the website to provide small venues in your area the ability to circulate face value tickets and promote live acts within the growing community.

How do I filter, buyers, sellers, traders, haves and wants?

Once in a category you can narrow your search. We recommend selecting the "tour dates tab" select a date, then narrow by who is buying, selling or trading. If select trading you can narrow by who "HAVE" who has or "WANT" who wants the specific tickets.

Can I search for Pavilion, Floor or just Lawn tickets?

Yes. First narrow by one of the four main categories then we recommend selecting a tour date, then use the search bar to be more specific for a keep word. It will search all titles and descriptions within the results.

How will I be notified when a member contacts me?

Email, text and or push notification. Every time a member responds, commits, pays, ships, or reviews an email is sent to your email address on file. If you add your phone # sms to your account a text will be sent, and if you have our iPhone App a push notification will alert you. Reply quickly. Go to your "Settings" tab under notifications.

Can I shut off notifications?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Login, under your "Settings" tab you can modify what form of notification you would like to receive.

Who commits to seal the deal?

The "lister" is required to commit first using the commit button within the discussion. The "replier" should commit second if the deal is accepted.

I committed, now what?

The member has been alerted that they have 24 hours to commit back. Of course you can Uncommit if there is only a one sided commit. One-sided commits are not solidified agreements.

Can I "Uncommit"?

If there is only one commit you are provided the option to Uncommit and move on.

Can a member back out of a committed trade?

No. Both parties must follow through regardless. We take commits very serious and we reserve the right to ban a member and revoke membership for members who back out of committed trades.

Do I make payment ASAP after both committed?

Yes. Don't wait.

Is using WESTERN UNION, PayPal as a gift, or wire transfer cool?

No! If the member has PayPal and there info is entered in COT please use the payment tab within the discussion.

Do I need a PayPal Account to use CashorTrade?

Nope. If you would like to purchase a ticket you can use a plain old credit card, cash or check. If the lister (seller) uses PayPal to accept online transactions you can use PayPal to checkout. If you are selling a ticket and would like to use a credit card handling service than we recommend that you do indeed set up a PayPal Account.

If I use PayPal to accept credit cards (seller), is PayPal FREE?

Almost. For the convenience of accepting credit cards PayPal charges the seller 2.9% + $0.30 cents per sale. Of course you don't have to use PayPal, although they are recommended because of their excellent dispute policy. You can accept cash or check. CashorTrade is ZERO FEES.

Do I receive payment FIRST, before mailing a ticket?

YES! always receive payment before shipping a ticket.

Should I mail a ticket before receiving payment?

Never. Get paid first, ship ticket second.

How does electronic transfer work?

For LiveNation / Ticketmaster tickets some events offer electronic transfer. You can login to your TM account, view your tickets, click transfer and send them to an email. Click here for their instructions.

Should I mail a ticket without tracking and regular mail?

Never. Please send a ticket at very least priority. Of course UPS and FedEx are best but if you must at very least ship via priority USPS and obtain a tracking number that you can post to the receiving member within your Inbox under the shipping tab within a discussion.

Why do you recommend not meeting up at the show to trade?

If you wait until you arrive, the market price on lot may be free, cheap, or inflated, causing trade uncertainty. To avoid this issue make your trade before you get to the show. 1) If traders see that tickets are hard to come by and people are selling above face value while on lot, they may be encouraged to just end the trade, get rid of their tickets, and sell them for above face instead of waiting to meet up. 2) Waiting to meet on lot allows extra time for ill variables to come into play. Allowing this extra time, along with difficulty in details of meeting before a show, may cause the trader to just get rid of them quickly instead of meeting up and leaving the person waiting for their ticket, or to get rid of their extras. Eliminate this from happening and MAKE YOUR TRADE OR SALE PRIOR TO ARRIVING ON LOT!

How do I leave a member a review?

Login, go to your inbox and the click on the discussion with that member. Click the review link. You can also go to your dashboard and a link to the discussion will be available.

Gold Membership
What is a CashorTrade Gold Member?

Gold Members are supporters of the face value project who purchased premium membership for $2/mo. They receive Trade Tracker mobile alerts for any ticket posted that matches their criteria. They have extended features but most of all they are top verified members. Making this small transaction through the site provides CashorTrade with accurate identification like valid first and last name and address. They offer the highest level of trust. Read more about COT Gold.

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